Marketing blog for Kindle authors


Check out my new blog JHOMF (just helping out my friends) that is dedicated to helping Kindle authors (like myself) promote and market their books. It’s what is called a “media” site because in addition to the posts that I write, you’ll find the most interesting, related articles that I’ve discovered on the web, plus guest posts by authors who have successfully marketed their books.

The toughest part about being an author is not writing the book. It’s selling that book. Now maybe some authors are just satisfied with getting their books published and don’t care whether anyone reads them. I’m not that kind of author, and the other authors I know aren’t like that. We want people to read our books for enjoyment, distraction, to learn about new places and cultures, to make a point about societal change, whatever, and incidentally to make a few bucks.

While has book promotional ideas, it also has some unusual articles you won’t see just anywhere, like George Orwell (who wrote ‘1984’) reviewing Hitler’s Mein Kampf, or a book that chronicled the causes and results of the first race riot in Washington, D.C. during Andrew Jackson’s presidency, with Francis Scott Key as the D.C. prosecutor. That one surprised me!

If you sign up for the email list at, you’ll also get access to a free iPhone/Android/browser app that calculates earned royalties based on Kindle Store rank, book price, and the royalty level. You’re probably only interested in that if you’re a Kindle author, but it’s a cool app that I had fun coding. (For you programmers out there, I coded the app using jQuery Mobile.)

Anyway, check out!