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Oops! I screwed up … Sorry


Amazon has this rule that an author cannot do a promotion on a book if the price of the book has been changed in the last 30 days. I scheduled promotions on both “Field Piece, The Complete Series” and “Death on Delivery” for right now, but then I decreased the regular price of “Death on Delivery“. Oh, my, what a terrible thing to do. Well, Amazon cancelled my special 99¢ promotion on “Death on Delivery“, so I’ll have to wait until September to do a cut-rate promo.

Sorry for that confusion.

But “Field Piece, The Complete Series” is still on sale until Midnight August 27 for only 99¢.

Click on the image below to buy “Field Piece, The Complete Series” on Amazon Kindle. 


Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan on sale in the Kindle Store


My novel “Field Piece, Book I: Tehran” was on sale on Amazon Kindle last week for only 99¢.  Now “Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan” is on sale on Amazon Kindle for only 99¢ from July 15th through midnight July 21st.

Book I takes place in 1995 and Book II two years later, when Walker returns to Iran on another mission. Many of the characters appearing in Book I are also in Book II, including, of course, our hero, Steve Walker. Walker’s friend from graduate school, Pasdaran Colonel Kamal Taleb, shows up again, along with his brash younger brother, Massoud, and the femme fatale Jilah, who became much more than Walker’s friend in Book I.

Predictably, Walker’s nemesis, his half-brother Azrak, once again is creating havoc, this time in Azerbaijan, where he is head of the Azeri secret police.

Russian mercenaries, Muslim freedom fighters, war — Walker’s stepped into it this time . . .

Click on the image below to buy this book on Amazon Kindle for just 99¢.