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Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan on sale in the Kindle Store


My novel “Field Piece, Book I: Tehran” was on sale on Amazon Kindle last week for only 99¢.  Now “Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan” is on sale on Amazon Kindle for only 99¢ from July 15th through midnight July 21st.

Book I takes place in 1995 and Book II two years later, when Walker returns to Iran on another mission. Many of the characters appearing in Book I are also in Book II, including, of course, our hero, Steve Walker. Walker’s friend from graduate school, Pasdaran Colonel Kamal Taleb, shows up again, along with his brash younger brother, Massoud, and the femme fatale Jilah, who became much more than Walker’s friend in Book I.

Predictably, Walker’s nemesis, his half-brother Azrak, once again is creating havoc, this time in Azerbaijan, where he is head of the Azeri secret police.

Russian mercenaries, Muslim freedom fighters, war — Walker’s stepped into it this time . . .

Click on the image below to buy this book on Amazon Kindle for just 99¢. 



Field Piece Book II: Azerbaijan

Book II of “Field Piece” takes place in Iran and in Azerbaijan.

In the aftermath of the Cold War, following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia maintains its military prowess by hiring out Russian Army units as mercenaries to shore up the shaky government in Azerbaijan. The Russian Army troops are initially successful, but they make the disastrous mistake of using poison gas on a small village harboring Muslim dissidents. Continue reading Field Piece Book II: Azerbaijan

Death on Delivery on Special Pricing in UK Kindle Store


Yesterday I realized that a lot of the registered users of this blog have “uk” at the end of their email addresses (United Kingdom), and that they most likely buy books from the UK Kindle Store. So here’s some special pricing for my detective novel “Death on Delivery“. This novel normally sells for £2.44, but from Thursday July 10th through midnight July 16th, the price will only be £0.99 using the Kindle Countdown Promotion.

Death on Delivery — When former Montgomery County, MD police detective John Bent finally gets out of prison, he lands a job working as a computer programmer on a high-profile NASA project.  But he finds his new job is more dangerous than his stint as a cop when someone starts killing the other members of the development team.  Is someone setting him up?  There’s a healthy amount of flirting, sex, violence, horses, and even comedy in this novel.

Click on the image below to buy this book on Amazon Kindle UK.