Field Piece Book II: Azerbaijan

Book II of “Field Piece” takes place in Iran and in Azerbaijan.

In the aftermath of the Cold War, following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia maintains its military prowess by hiring out Russian Army units as mercenaries to shore up the shaky government in Azerbaijan. The Russian Army troops are initially successful, but they make the disastrous mistake of using poison gas on a small village harboring Muslim dissidents. The lone survivor of that attack, who lost his son to the poison gas, vows vengeance against the Russians — and he knows Russian strategy and tactics because he was a Russian officer in the failed deployment to Afghanistan.

Within a few months a groundswell of Muslim freedom fighters under a fierce new leader challenges the Russian Army troops — and the freedom fighters, apparently backed by Iran, wield black market high-tech American weapons. Russian cargo planes, fighter-bombers, and helicopter gunships begin plummeting from the sky, victim to black market American Stinger missiles.

Enter American agent Steve Walker, sent back to Iran to staunch the flow of black market American weapons.

Walker failed to achieve his personal goal on his first assignment — to kill his half-Iranian brother, Khalil Azrak, who was responsible for the death of their parents. Azrak now commands the Azeri secret police. However, stopping the weapons traffic and killing Azrak aren’t going to be easy, especially when Walker tangles with a beautiful, rich Persian femme fatale who just might be a little too involved in the whole mess.

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